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Oral Surgery


In our clinic we perform all types of oral surgery interventions. These include routine, complicated and surgical extraction of teeth and root of teeth. Then, it includes the surgical extraction of impacted wisdom teeth, surgical orthodontic treatment of impacted canines and resections of tooth root (apicoectomy), periodontal and gum surgery. Our team of three oral surgeons also deals with the more complicated oral surgery procedures, such as removal of jaw cysts and pre-implant surgery with the aim of creating conditions for implant placement (restoration of bone tissue, raising the sinus floor - sinus lift, transplantation of bone and soft tissue , appliance of the patient’s plasma - PRP, PRF, etc.). All surgery interventions are performed under local anesthesia and are completely painless and in all cases when necessary, the three-dimensional image of a jaw – CBCT is made and analyzed before the surgery, as a prevention of possible complications.



A dental implant is an artificial implant that is placed in the jawbone and thus replaces the root of the missing tooth on which an artificial tooth can be placed. This prevents the damage of adjacent healthy teeth, which must be modified by grinding in order to set the bridge and prevent bone resorption in the area of ​​extracted tooth that is no longer stimulated by the process of chewing. 

Implants are integrated in 97% of cases, and it is best option to place an implant for every missing tooth. Implant placing is performed under local anesthesia and it takes about ten minutes per implant. After several weeks, a crown holder is placed on the implant after which an artificial tooth is immediately placed. Beside the individual crowns, implants can be carriers of bridges and also can stabilize dentures. We use implants of renowned Swiss and German manufacturers with whom our surgeons have years of positive experience.

Computer Guided Implantology


Three-dimensional imaging techniques (CBCT) allow us to perform in software a virtual implant positioning on the most optimal positions. On the basis of a set plan of implant placement in the further process a guide is made. With its assistance and usage of borers, we prepare the bed for implant insertion with the minimal tissue damage and maximum safety for the patient. Implants placed in such a manner allow both functional and aesthetically planned prosthesis. The advantage of this procedure is that a clear plan of implant prosthetic rehabilitation is presented to the patient. Computer guided implantology video with the implant placement can be viewed here. In dental clinic Vdental Center, a technique of three-dimensional planning and computer guided implant placement is applied for the first time in Montenegro in 2010, and the latest 3D printing technology of the guide for implant placement is used in 2015.



It's hard to have a beautiful smile if some of the teeth are damaged or missing. Beside the aesthetic deficiency, the function of the entire orofacial system is endangered. Chewing, speaking, swallowing is more difficult.... Due to the lack of teeth, remaining teeth are moving towards the empty space and loose bone support which further jeopardizes the whole system and complicates the later prosthetic care. Long-termed edentulism (toothless) leads to a loss of bone tissue, disorder in jaw relation and changes in the jaw joint. By analyzing the state of your remaining teeth, bone tissue, supporting tissue of the teeth and general condition, we will suggest to you all possible options of prosthetic rehabilitation and together with you choose the most optimal. In our dental clinic, in cooperation with the most modern dental-technical laboratory, we produce: mobile, combined and fixed prosthetic restorations (metal ceramic, zirconium and ceramic crowns and bridges) as well as mobile and fixed work on implants.

Digital Smile Design


Every smile is special. Therefore, it is very important to be in accordance with the proportions and shape of the face, personality and age. Digital Smile Design is an instrument in aesthetic dentistry that allows each patient to create with the dentist the perfect solution for their smile. Step by step, functionality, needs and patient’s desires are connected with the best aesthetic solution. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a concept which simulates the final result of dental treatment by means of computer technology. Using high-resolution photographs and videos of the patient, it is possible to gain a through insight into the relation of the lips, teeth, gums and the face in motion. The pupils and the distance between them, the position of the corners of the lips and the facial centerline are taken into account. With the help of mathematical calculations that converts from digital to real, the final plan is presented to patient. The advantage of DSD method is predictability. The patient can see the final result before any dental intervention and can discuss it with the dentist, or even change something.



Orthodontists are dental specialists who deal with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of orofacial anomalies and malocclusions. The most common causes of these irregularities are inherited irregularities in growth and development. Therefore, for their treatment it is necessary to recognize irregularity related to a specific stage of growth and development. Beside the difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene and increased risk of caries creation and gum disease, malocclusions can cause serious problems with speech, swallowing, and even digestion of food on a longer period. 


Our orthodontists have years of experience in solving the problem of malocclusion both with children population and adults of different age.

Cosmetic Dentistry


This is a modern branch of dentistry that uses different treatments to improve the aesthetics of the orofacial region of the patient. After treatment, patients are more confident, more open, more communicative... Tooth color correction is achieved by the method of whitening of vital and non-vital teeth by home or professional teeth whitening treatment. Incredible aesthetic results can be achieved by using composite and ceramic veneers.  In Vdental Center we also offer treatments with PRP (Platelet reach plasma) and PRF (Plasma reach fibrin) methods. These ingredients are derived from the centrifugation of the patient’s blood, and beside the usage in oral and implant surgery we use them in Anti-age treatments. They are completely natural and aim to reduce wrinkles, scars and pigmentation on the face. Initial results are expected after 15 to 20 days, and we recommend three treatments per year.

Pedriatic and Preventive Dentistry


Children represent a special group of patients and require special methods. Very often they are frightened and they need time to achieve the trust and confidence, and it is preferable that the intervention should be done quickly because they are very impatient. Dental reparations of caries milk teeth represent the best guarantee for healthy teeth in older ages. Also, it is very important to prevent caries of milk and early permanent teeth. Tooth fissure sealing is necessary protection and makes early teeth more resistant to caries. The method is simple and completely painless, and it is performed by applying a surface coating material with the addition of fluoride to the teeth fissures. This non-invasive and short-termed treatment guarantees your child healthy teeth in the future.

Radiological Diagnosis 


Intensive development in dentistry in recent decades has led to significant advances in dental radiology. Radiation doses on modern devices when making recordings are significantly reduced, the tube that directs the X-rays is designed to reduce and limit the field of radiation to a small area, and digital sensors that replaced films have extremely improved the quality and consistency of images. One of the advantages of these images is that they can be further processed and analyzed in the software. Vdental Center is equipped with the latest X-ray devices that are used for individual (targeted) teeth images, orthopantomographic and telerentgen images. We are particularly proud of the working experience in the three-dimensional CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) device (since 2011) in which we were pioneers not only in Montenegro, but also in the region.

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